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Our Motherland...Africa!

Did you know that the ancient name of Africa was Alkebulan? reaching out to the mother country has never been easier. You can keep in touch with events and people in Africa without having to make the 12,000 mile journey. There are no substitutes for face-to-face connections, but the technology can give us a taste of what some of the 49 African countries and their people are like. I would like to begin to divide this page up into smaller sections. Any suggestions on how best to do that? If so, please e-mail Wayne Hicks right now and let him know as well!

We are doing a comprehensive series on all 49 countries in Africa over on the Electronic Village blog.   Please join us if you have time or inclination.

Villagers should check out Africa WithinThis site represents a compilation of over eight years of research and study.  This is an ongoing work, and as such, it will always be expanding.  The goal for Africa Within is to become a primary reference tool for the serious student, as well as a research tool for those looking to expand or begin their Africana studies.

At this Web site you will find AFRICAN CONNECTIONS Inc., a producer, marketer, and distributor of substantive information about African people, cultures and institutions. AFRICAN CONNECTIONS provides a unique "insider" perspective of African social, political, technological and economic structures. The series aims to educate, build viewer awareness, stimulate interest and create opportunities for exchange. The series generates positive communication and broadened representation for Africa and her descendants be they in Europe, The Caribbean, South American, the United States, Canada or other global destinations.

Through their television and radio presentations, AFRICAN CONNECTIONS provides an engaging editorial perspective on important trends and events throughout Africa and the African Diaspora. AFRICAN CONNECTIONS informs, educates, and illuminates its diverse audiences on a broad range of subjects including:

  • The Arts
  • Communications
  • The Environment
  • The Family
  • Social Institutions
  • Technology

At this Web site you will find an African gateway to the Internet. Africa Online chronicles the daily lives of African communities with daily news reports by local African news networks, and from various NGOs. The broader service features Home Pages for various African countries, interest groups and individuals, on-line reference materials, music, art and cultural exchanges, travel information and an educational online learning section for children. Africa Online encourages involvement from the community; in fact they want you to share in their continued growth. Homepages are available within the Web Site, to anyone who might want to discuss issues related to Africa. They also accept material related to Africa for posting in their various sections.

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