Aunt Alzeda's Letter to Kyra

March 21, 1998

My Darling Niece, Kyra, the artist,

I have spent many early morning hours trying to compose into words what I feel in my heart every time I show my lovely quilt and study it again and again for my own pleasure.

The exquisite mixture of colors floods my eyes and makes me feel so Blessed. And that causes me to follow my mind back eight generations to Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandmothers on, on, on to Zoe & Victoria & Laura & Banyan, Astrid, Joy, and Alia --- future Great Grand Mothers in the generation ahead, I think and hope.

With these memories of the Past and the Present I view this Precious Quilt as a challenge to us of the Twentieth Century to continue to Value the Rich Heritage of Love of Family, which Our Forebearers by their examples have pssed on to us.

May God continue to bless the Crockett-Hacker Families and their seed.

I love you --- Aunt Alzeda

(P.S., Sorry I did not learn to type...but, I am studying at age 91-6 months!)

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