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[We enjoy reading books and listening to music. We understand that many Villagers enjoy these things as well. Each of us have different tastes. Therefore, we've divided our online bookstore into various sections as shown in the Table of Contents below. Check out the Welcome Section before venturing further. Also, if you would like to have a book added to the Village Bookstore just click here to share the idea with us! Enjoy your travels through our online bookstore!!]

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Buy Black! Villagers can purchase books for a substantial discount at our Village Bookstore. However, the largest African American bookstore on the internet is which offers hundreds of titles in more than 20 subject categories to readers interested in African American topics. There are other Black-owned bookstores available on the internet. These include the Black Library Booksellers, Mosaic Books, The Shrine of the Black Madonna, Karibu Books, Drum & Spears Books and Black Images Bookstore.

Another option for you is to check out the Black Issues Book Review where you will find a one-stop source of in-depth book reviews, author interviews and profiles for the African American reader. This website lists popular fiction, non-fiction and insight into the world of Black literature.

new! The largest national reading group for Black is the Go On Girl! Book Club (G.O.G.). G.O.G encourages responsible writing and publishing of literature written by people of African descent by sending book reviews and letters of encouragement to authors and publishers. Their goal is to expand the members' personal literary experience by reading quality works written by authors of African descent.

Yet another resource available to Black book lovers is the Black Issues Book Review. At this Web site you'll find a one-stop source of in-depth book reviews, author interviews and profiles. Black Issues Book Review lists popular fiction, non-fiction and insight into the world of Black literature. All we ask is that you come back to the Electronic Village to make your purchase so that we can benefit from the sale!

African American Literature

[Note: Villagers get substantial discount on any book listed below. Just click on the title or the book cover for details!]

new College Student's Poetic Payment Plan.... Limited Vision: Reflections of a Teenager is written by a teenager for other teenagers. This smart, witty, sometimes sassy but always truthful little book of thoughts and reflections promises to reel in even the most discerning of readers. The introduction by the author forewarns of this volume's dual intent; that of sharing with the world her generation's deep feelings towards family, friends and loves while simultaneously creating income to pay for her college education. There is no doubt that 'Generation X' has a new definitive voice which shows quite a bit of promise and delivers in abundance.

Two Cities by John E. Widerman is a tale of two cities, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, focusing on Kassima, a widow who withdraws after the loss of her husband and sons to violence, only to find two other men who renew her spirit.

Please take a moment to review the Black author links website to get an idea of the books you might like to purchase. Then pop back over here to Da Village's bookstore and order your titles from [see above]!

dot Black Women In Publishing (BWIP) is an employee-based trade association dedicated to increasing the presence, and supporting the efforts of African Americans in the publishing industry. BWIP was established for anyone interested in the world of books, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, and interactive media.


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