Laura Imani Hicks!

Laura is growing up before our eyes. She just entered Kindergarten.  It is amazing how much she has grown in just the past few years.  Laura doesn't watch as much television as she used to in the past.  She enjoys doing crossword puzzles.  We have completed some 60-piece puzzles and our next challenge is a 100-piece puzzle that we will put on a card table because it will take awhile to complete.  

Her favorite characters when she does watch television are Dora The Explorer, Powderpuff Girls and Clifford the Big Red Dog.  She also enjoys watching many of the Disney channel sitcoms. She is a prolific artist who enjoys to draw pictures for her Mom and Dad. Mostly, she enjoys playing outside with her little brother, Khalis.

Laura and her Dad can be found on the computer quite often.  She often manages to remove him from the laptop so that she can visit the Barbie website or the PBS website or a number of the websites listed below.  We figure that you can never be too young to learn about computers.  It is hard for Laura to get access to the computer at home because of the amount of time that her Dad spends on it.  We didn't mention it above...but Laura has also developed a love of TV-Land shows...especially Brady Bunch and the sitcom that had the little guy named 'Willis' on it. She also watches the Wild Thornberrys and Rugrats on Nickelodeon. Now she can play, create, and learn on their computers with the most popular characters on Nick, and snap photos with the Nick Click digital camera or other software that kids will love in this Nickelodeon Showcase.

We carry around an article entitled, "Dr. Denmark's Pronouncements on Child-Rearing" that was written in the mid 1980s. The paper is yellowed with age. However the eight points made in the article seem to make some sense. One of the wonderful things about having this webpage is that we have a repository for child-rearing tips like these here in cyberspace instead of on a scrap of decaying paper!

bookmark Laura's page!Laura is five years old! She is talking up a storm. Definitely her mother's child! We wonder what she will study in college. We hope that she will learn all that she can about Africans and African Americans while in school.

She is truly the joy of our lives. She quickly adapted to her new home and day care center here in Ohio. As she grows older we are hopeful to train her correctly. We hope that we're insightful enough to share with her some of the stories of life. One story that we will tell her is the balloon story.

Raising a Black child in America is a daunting challenge regardless of the advantages that the child may have in life. We have got to work together to save our children. We have to ensure that our children avoid the statistics which every day in America press down on us. Have you told your child today that you love him or her? 

Laura's Favorite Websites!

We're going to begin to build a listing of sites which are suitable for children. We figure that Laura will want to visit these sites when she gets a little bit older! Feel free to e-mail us with sites that your kindergarten age child enjoys and we'll add 'em to Laura's page!

Kids these days are using the computer more and more, and seemingly, they're doing so at an earlier and earlier age. Check out the article called "Teaching Your Children to Type". It might help you choose from the many new, helpful, and fun typing programs designed especially for kids.

Winnie the Pooh, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and others can be found at the Disney website! Y'all may be surprised to know that Laura owns 90 shares of Disney stock!  Of course, like much of the stock market...her stock is currently at a 'loss' position from the point of purchase <sigh>.

 Soon we will begin sharing folklore, fairytales, fables, and mythology with Laura.

 Laura doesn't own or play with beanie babies but, if your kids do collect or play with 'em then you'll want to check out the beanie baby website!

 You can find a number of engaging games for children hosted by Boston University's Scientific Computing and Visualization group.

The National Science Foundation developed explorations and scientific subjects which are just for kids!

PBS Electronic Field Trips.

NASA's Jason Project.


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