Mathematicians of the African Diaspora is a web site with ancient and present achievements in mathematics by Black people or people who classify themselves as Black.  In Mathematics, more than any other field of study, have the world has heard proclamations and statements similar to, "The Negro is incapable of succeeding." One of the purposes of this Web site is to exhibit the inaccuracy of those proclamations by exhibiting the accomplishments of the peoples of Africa and the African Diaspora within the mathematical sciences.

One of our favorite Villagers shared a marvelous link to the 36 Christian Ways to Reduce Stress.

Villagers should check out Africa WithinThis site represents a compilation of over eight years of research and study.  This is an ongoing work, and as such, it will always be expanding.  The goal for Africa Within is to become a primary reference tool for the serious student, as well as a research tool for those looking to expand or begin their Africana studies.

We have come across an experienced litigator and legal counsel that we think all Villagers to check out if you ever have issues with the law.  Take a moment to visit the website of James C. Keys, Jr. & his law firm, Keys Law!

A Guide To Fighting spam: What Every Internet User Should Know - Spam is defined as 'Unwanted, unsolicited commercial email sent on a mass basis'. Practically no one wants it, but everyone gets it. Each day, millions of spam emails are sent. The following are a few tips and suggestions for fighting spam.

  • Take advantage of spam filters
  • Choose an uncommon email address
  • Donít publicize your name on the Internet
  • Never reply to spam
  • Look for a privacy statement
  • Report spammers

The Black Collegian Online is the electronic version of the 32 year old, national career opportunity's magazine. There are complete sources to career planning, job search information, information on study abroad programs, health and fitness,  graduate/professionals schools, internships/co-ops, and other important information designed to ensure a smooth transition from college to a successful career. In addition, there is commentary by leading African-American writers, lifestyle/ entertainment features, general information on college life, and news of what's happening on college campuses today. Enjoy your visit and visit often!

I came across a wonderful website the other day when discussing the MATAH Network.  Please take a moment to check out AfriCreations which is owned & operated by Delores Chamblin.  You will find lots of positive, useful and inspiring info, free music, money, bargains & more on her website.  Tell her that you're a visiting Villager!

Fatherhood has become more & more important to me recently.  As such, I'm pleased to be a subscriber to the In Search of Fatherhood Forum.  This is a newsletter and website that are for and about fathers of the world.

Please consider Angelic Visions - unique black art prints & cards for inclusion on your site. Their themes are angels & religious, African, lovely women & adorable children.

Hey Blackgirl! Blackgirl is a state of mind, not an insult. This is a website created for Black women who love themselves and those who love them. This site is intended to give an unbiased cross-section of all Web sites related to Black women -- not only the uplifting, empowering, and pleasant, but also the exploitative, abusive, and disgusting. All standard disclaimers apply: if you see something here you do not like, do something about it or don't look.

Tutor/Mentor Connections - is about kids. It's about mentor-rich programs where kids can connect with adults, learn skills, be safe, and find the support to help them climb the ladder to a career. While many efforts are aimed at mobilizing mentors, the T/MC and this web site are aimed at building and sustaining a "village" of great tutor/mentor programs, making sure there are enough of these programs, and that they are where they are most needed. As part of this strategy, the T/MC is working to create a flow of resources (volunteers, dollars, training, equipment, media attention) into every neighborhood, not just the most visible ones, so that ALL of these programs can be more successful for the many years it takes to build the village, and to raise the child.

Here is one place for those interested in Black ClipArt. Another one that we recently learned about is called Okara Graphics. Check them both out for some creative Afrikan-centered clipart.

One of Wayne's all-time favorite singers was Minnie Riperton. He is excited to share information about a web site dedicated to the beautiful expression of spirit emanating through the vocal talents of Minnie Riperton. At this digital stop, you will find a biography, complete discography (with lyrics and audio clips search), message board and much more.

"Let the past be a strength, not a weakness" is the motto of one of the most intriguing websites that we've seen in quite awhile. Tribalspirit, Inc. was created in the spirit of the new millennium. The company is interested in bringing the many tribes of the human family together through the dissemination of cultural and historical information. They hope to help initiate appreciation of diversity by somehow putting things into perspective.

Kemi Stone wanted all Villagers to know that Nubian Soul is introducing Noir Perspectives Magazine. This online magazine is: 1) FREE 2) For and about People of Color and 3) By People of Color.

Sci-Fi Noir is a website that would be of interest to African Americans that enjoy science fiction.

We found a website designed to provide travelers in the Diaspora with information that will make their travel experience more enjoyable. Diaspora-Link is packed with events such as exhibits, parties, banquets, conferences, expos, seminars and other activity that would appeal to the African American traveler. Also, this website gives city by city weather, updates, news, travel books, and so forth. Are you planning to travel? Check 'em out!

Do you get tired of the wave of e-mail hoaxes and pranks which exploit naive users? Ancient myths like the cookie story will be back as newbies come online. The only solution is education. Right now these messages are only an annoyance, but it is only a matter of time before they ruin someone's reputation, career or bank account. Here are some links which will help to educate our Villagers:

African American Mystery Page is a site created by a sista that we 'met' in place in cyberspace known as BEBB! Her name is Valarie Daniels. When you visit her web site make sure to tell her where you heard about it!

Black pride is a tremendous starting point to a collection of hyperlinks centered on Black oriented resources. Be sure to explore the "don't miss" drop down menu for other topics.

Personal websites which tell the tales of other Villagers include:

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